Wayland Agricultural Show

Livestock Competitors

This one day rural show offers breeders a friendly and traditional livestock competition. On this page you will find contact details for all livestock competitions, as well as schedules and entry forms which you can download.

See the visitors page for directions to the showground, and please note the important access and parking details below.

Due to TB and bTB restrictions, no camelids will be allowed on the showground.

Cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and fur & feather

Please note the following

Showground CPH holding No. 28/726/8002.


Livestock entrance is on Brandon Road, Watton.
After unloading, all vehicles must be moved to Exhibitors’ Parking.
Vehicles may come and go from Exhibitors’ Parking during the show.

Judging will only commence when all vehicles and trailers are off the main showground.

Vehicles will not be allowed back onto the showground before 5pm. No animals may leave the showground before 5pm.

The Supreme Champion animal from each section (cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, dogs, poultry, fur and feather) competes at the end of the show for the show’s Champion of Champions Norman Sculfer Memorial Silver Salver and £250 kindly sponsored by Wayland Farms Ltd.

If you are planning on entering any livestock at the Wayland Show:

  1. Please download and read the Livestock Conditions of Entry which are found in the Livestock Schedule. You must adhere to these conditions and you will be bound by them, so please read them before entering the Show.
  2. Please also download and complete the Bio Security Register and return it with your entry form.

The 2018 Wayland Show Bio Security Register is available to download here.

Bio Security Register 2018


Secretary: Granger Harrison
Telephone: 07733 328093
E-mail: cattle@waylandshow.com

2018 Cattle entry form is available to download here.

Cattle Entry Form 2018

The Cattle Schedule is included in the 2018 Livestock Schedule which will be available here.

Livestock Schedule 20178



Fur and Feather

Fur & Feather 2
Secretary: Fabian Eagle
Telephone: 07774 295510

BioSecurity information, 2018 Schedule and entry forms are available to download here.

Egg entry form 2018

Waterfowl entry form 2018

Biosecurity Information for Participants – 2018



Secretary: Jo-Anne Lamb
Telephone: 01493 369018

2018 Goat entry form including the Goat detail form is available to download here.

Goat Entry Form 2018 (page 1 of 2)

Goat Entry Form 2018 (page 2 of 2)


The Goat Schedule is included in the full 2018 Livestock Schedule which will be available here.

Livestock Schedule 2018



Pig DSC_0111The pig competition is your chance to get up close to a range of both traditional and new breeds of pig. Our small but friendly pig competition is open to all breeds. Classes are just divided into coloured pigs  and white pigs, and not by breed. East Anglia has the largest number of pigs of any area in the UK, and provides employment for large numbers of people.  The light soils and low rainfall of the Breckland area are ideal for keeping pigs outside. A popular class during the judging is the Young Handler’s Class, which is an opportunity for young people to show their skills in handling and showing a pig in the judging ring. Judging starts at 10am, but if you miss that the pigs are there all day in their pens, and some will be paraded during the Livestock Grand Parade in the Main Arena around 4pm.

Secretaries: Peter Reeder BEM / John Blackburne
Telephone: 01379 687273 / 01760 756219
E-mail: pigs@waylandshow.com

Pig exhibitors please note that you must use the eAML2 pig movement system for this year’s show. This is provided below.

eAML2 guide for show grounds

The 2018 Wayland Show Pigs Entry Form is available to download here.

Pigs Entry Form 2018

The Pig Schedule is included in the 2018 Livestock Schedule which will be available here.

Livestock Schedule 2018



One of the new classes ‘Best set of horns’. Photograph: Vicky Craven.

Wayland Agricultural Society, in conjunction with the RBST (Rare Breeds Survival Trust) East Anglia Support Group, will be holding a training event for Young Handlers in the run up to this year’s show. The event will take place at Melsop Farm Park by kind invitation of Jordan Stone and family. More details will be available as soon as details have been finalised from local publicity, the RBST and here on this website. There are also new classes for exhibitors this year which are detailed in the schedule.

Secretaries: Gail Sprake / Tricia Newman
Telephone: 01986 782416
E-mail: sheep@waylandshow.com

The 2018 Wayland Show Sheep Entry Form is available to download here.

Sheep Entry Form 2018

The Sheep Schedule is included in the 2018 Livestock Schedule which will be available here:

Livestock Schedule 2018